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Senjoy 365

3,65 m Length
5 people Capacity
18,4 – 51,5 kW Electric or Endothermic
+35 knots Speed
Water ski

Much more fun.

The sea belongs to those who love it, explore it, and live it.
Senjoy presents a new generation of speed-boats, ready to amplify your senses and satisfy your desire for comfort and fun.
It’s time to fully enjoy your free time or to offer unique experiences to your customers.
Full throttle, then! Feel the change in the wind and create the Senjoy that most resembles you: it will be a trusty companion on your adventures!


Style, comfort and performance.

The speed-boat revolution kicks off with the Senjoy 365, the first of the Senjoy models.
A motorboat with a sporty spirit and a green soul, capable of offering you the highest level of comfort and top level performance.


3,65 m

Maximum beam

1,78 m


400 kg

Outboard engine

Torqeedo FB electric or Yamaha 40-70 HP

Maximum speed*

+35 knots


5 seats

*Indicative data and in any case dependent on the engines type.

Swimming in the sea

Always ready to go.

Straightforward, reliable, comfortable. Ready even when you only have a few hours available, Senjoy 365 will win you over with its agility and functionality.

The size, weight and capacity of Senjoy 365 make it perfect as a tender and also facilitate transport on a trailer with a medium-power car.
Furthermore, there is no problem for the storage and for mooring!

Yamaha endothermic outboard engines are a guarantee of performance and reliability. The exuberant engine power makes the vehicle fun and practical for water skiing too.
For your Senjoy 365 you can also choose the electric power with the new Torqeedo motors, which represent the state of the art in the field. You will sail in silence, and with zero emissions.


Make it unique.

Senjoy 365's design and manufacturing process are based on flexibility. Private customers, charters and charterers can have the highest level of customization, in colors and more.
Would you like to explore the wonders of the coast? You can choose a Yamaha motor, that allows you speed and safety with all types of waves. Do you prefer relaxing stops at sea? The large awning, the new generation audio system, the fridge and the shower undoubtedly make the difference. Are you looking for a tender? In the garage or on the deck, the Senjoy 365 is just the right size, without forgetting that touch of class that all your guests will admire.
Do you have a house on the lake? The Senjoy 365 is the ideal complement, thanks to the electric motor, the metallic colors of the hull and the top of the range cushions.
Do you need an essential, safe and sturdy boat, suitable for renting on short trips? Comfort and practicality are also guaranteed in the basic version, which allows ease of driving and does not require a specific license.
For sports and fun, you have the towing rod and the towables available.
For control and safety, the onboard instruments are updated with the latest technologies.
The customization possibilities are many, because we want your motorboat not to be a Senjoy: we want it to be your Senjoy.
Contact us, it will be a pleasure to help you create it!

<p>Make it unique.</p>
Woman relaxing swimming in the sea

Enjoy the silence
and turn up the volume.

One boat, many souls. With the electric motors you can discover the pleasure of navigation without a noise, with the top-of-the-range systems for on-board entertainment and connection even in the high sea, you can amplify your music and your passions.


The choices that reward you.

Get on board, take your friends if you like: there is room for five people. Take advantage of the large locker and storage units, ready to accommodate and protect everything you want to take with you, including water skis and wakeboarding.
The resin hull, instead of the classic tubular dinghies, allows you to increase the interior spaces and optimize hydrodynamics.
You can choose the outboard motor that best suits your way of experiencing the sea. The intuitive driving systems ensure responsiveness in maneuvering and maximum control, even in rough seas.
The central driving position guarantees greater balance in both aesthetics and weight, but also a better control of the vehicle: driving your Senjoy 365 is as easy and fun as riding a jet ski.


and Italian spirit.

The Senjoy team imagines, creates, designs and helps to create solutions in harmony with their own vision and with that of the people who seek freedom on the sea. These are the ideas that inspire our work.

Live emotions
Ride innovation

Welcome change
Create custom-made

If you want to know more, contact us or request our brochure.

Would you like to know more?

Start imagining your Senjoy 365 with us.